10 Amazing simple weird paintings

There are some different passionate painters and they utilize some unusual methods to make some unique paintings. There are various realities you might see while they are painting and all of these facts can make you laugh. A painting portrays the visual sense of a painter but there are some painters who makes strange trait while painting. The methods of these various painting are very fascinating where they put the colors in a fascinating way . If you are interested to know about these various techniques and painting you can examine out the link. So look out for most famous abstract paintings you always needed. If you are looking for famous black artists paintings, you have come on the incredible lading page.via:oddee.

1). The painter who uses vomit

Amazing simple weird paintings-vomit


2). The underwater painters

Amazing simple weird paintings-underwater

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3). The painter who paints with his tongue

Amazing simple weird paintings-tongue

Source: metro

4). The man who paints with his penis

Amazing simple weird paintings-pricasso

5). The painter who uses his eye

Amazing simple weird paintings-eyeball

Source: weirdasianews

6). The painter who uses her breasts

Amazing simple weird paintings-breasts

Source: odditycentral

7). The painter who uses human blood

Amazing simple weird paintings-blood

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8). The painter who paints with basketballs

Amazing simple weird paintings-basket-ball

Source: neatorama

9). The painter who uses human ashes

Amazing simple weird paintings-ashes


10). The painter who uses dead ants

Amazing simple weird paintings-ants

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