10 Highly unique banana mascot – funny mascots

It is really typical that each and every university will have a mascot that will have the ability to represent the college. Often, this selection procedure goes haywire and the college ends up having an odd mascot. If you are searching for some examples of such strange mascots, this is the post that you need to read . In this short article you will get to see the photos of strange mascots and the colleges, which they represent. A few of these distinct mascots are hilarious while the others are out and out strange however one thing is for sure, they should not have actually been selected . So look out for risd scrotie mascot right now. If you are trying to check for university of santa cruz mascot, you have actually land on the cool lading page.via:oddee.

1). Boll Weevils (University of Arkansas Mascot)

Highly unique banana mascot- Boll-Weevils2


2). Sammy the Banana Slug (University of California-Santa Cruz Mascot)

Highly unique banana mascot_bannana-slug

3). Super Frog the Horned Frog (Texas Christian University Mascot)

Highly unique banana mascot_horned-frog


4). The Fighting Okra (Delta State University Mascot)

Highly unique banana mascot_okras


5). Fighting Pickles (North Carolina School of the Arts Mascot)

Highly unique banana mascot_pickle


6). Scrotie (RISD mascot)

Highly unique banana mascot_scrotie


7). Billiken (St. Louis University Mascot)

Highly unique banana mascot-bilikens

8). Brutus the Buckeye (Ohio State Mascot)

Highly unique banana mascot-Brutus


9). Gaylord the Camel (Campbell University Mascot)

Highly unique banana mascot-camel


Highly unique banana mascot-geoducks

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