A man who had his face, eyeballs tattooed and cutting off ears to look like pet parrots

Mr.Ted Richards is a englishman. He is 56 years old. He is obsessed from his pet parrots Teaka, Ellie,Jake, Timeh and Bubi by cutting off his ears and has face tattooed with colourful feathers to look like his pet parrots.
Ted is a man that got retired from the shoe factory worker, he got his first tattoo in 1976. His four pet parrots got a home in Hartcliffe, Bristol .
England is a nice country in the world. So the practice of removing someone’s ears was historically done as an act of physical punishment in England called ‘cropping.’
Ted has given his ears to an anonymous person “knew would appreciate them”, who is going to preserve in resin and put them on showing somewhere.



Source:The Daily Telegraph

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