Highly unique stigmata real cases(10 photos)

There are various individuals who declare that they have the magnificent power that make these people much near to the God. These people have some magical power in their body and they can use it according to their own will. Moreover , they can utilize this divine power for bad purpose which shows the conscience of them. Some of these individuals have bad intention and they use their divine power to ruin the normal life of other individuals. If you have interest to understand about these individuals’s habits, you can take a look at the link given above. So start searching for therese neumann prophecy you always wanted. If you are exploring for what is the stigmata, you have actually come on the perfect blog post.via:oddee.

Weathly Young Man Turns to God and Becomes the First Stigmatic in Recorded History

Source: wikipedia

Young Man Receives the Stigmata While Walking Home from the Grocery Store

Highly unique stigmata real cases_argentina

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Statues Weep in the Presence of a Stigmatic Priest

Highly unique stigmata real cases_bruse

Source: dailyprogress

Doctors Find No Medical Reason for a Paralyzed Woman’s Stigmata

Highly unique stigmata real cases_Chapman

Source: visionsofjesuschrist

California Housewife and Stigmatic Labeled as a “Servant of God” by The Vatican 56 Years After Her Death

Highly unique stigmata real cases_evans

Source: dailymail

Stigmatic Suffers All The Wounds of Christ at Once, Including a Crown of Thorns

Highly unique stigmata real cases_LittleRose

Source: littleroseferron

Illiterate Woman Bleeds Christian Writings and Symbols in Different Languages

Highly unique stigmata real cases_Nattuza

Source: mysticsofthechurch

Stigmatic Woman Took No Food or Water for Almost 40 Years

Highly unique stigmata real cases_Neumann3

Source: marypages

Stigmatic Priest Loses One Cup of Blood Daily

Highly unique stigmata real cases_Padre-Pio

Source: secularright

Stigmatic Priest Claims to have Divine Powers of Levitation, Prophecy, and Bilocation

Highly unique stigmata real cases_sudac1

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