Mom mortified by sheer wrong perception

The above mentioned link some interesting incident that has taken place in McDonald’s. The incident has happened when Clarie has seen an ‘homless’ man was sitting in the nearby table. Out of her gesture she has perceived that the man needs food and she has managed to buy him a breakfast and approached his table in order to serve the food that she has bought for him. Surprisingly she was mortified while the waited has brought the man his breakfast that has been already ordered by the man. The event has created a great embarrassment for her. Also the incident has made her husband to laugh at her   innocence.

PAY-Claire-Varin 2016 PAY-Claire-Varin 2016-girls PAY-Claire-Varin 2016-mom PAY-Claire-Varin-and-her-husband-Sam -weird mom PAY-Claire-Varin-weird mom

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