Top Places To Visit in Siem Reap – Cambodia | Asia

Angkor Wat Temple : It is the best place that you must go to visit. Angkor Wat is a Cambodia’ ancient temple.There are no many places anywhere on earth to match the splendour of Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat is one of the largest monuments to religion ever built and is truly one the

amazing of the world. Moreover, on the castle wall design fancy room, which reflects the progress of the country day.Many people in the world to visit and admire apart from the mouth that it’s really amazing place.So you shouldn’t miss to visit Angkor Wat Temple.It is also a World Heritage treasures.

Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia
Cambodian Cultural Village : It is a very popular place in Siem Reap City. If you went to visit there you will understanding of the country, culture,Cambodian,ethnic traditions, and beautiful things there. Cambodian Cultural Village presents the history and the level of tourism.Moreover,there are performances, traditional wedding ceremony , traditional building some houses or cottags of their living,elephant shows,Khmer boxing,dances of the ethnic groups, a lot of villages complex, famous Apsara dances,all visitors can see statues made from beautiful Ban, which represents a number of famous people of the country, and more to entertain the tourists.
Khmer Caltural Village
Angkor National Museum : is a big places of collection of ancient khmer statues and many valuable objects.
Location:No.968 Vithei Charles de Gaulle, Khrum 6, Phoum Salakanseng, Khom Sveydangum, Siem Reap Province,
Kingdom of Cambodia.

Angkor National Museum

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